Photos of Boundary Trees…

Take the test….is this tree a boundary tree?

Legal definition of a tree trunk: everything from from the root-collar (at the base) to where the first branch appears.

If a tree grows close to the property line and a property-owner wants to protect or cut it down, he or she should have a professional survey done to clearly establish where the trunk is in relation to the property line. Sometimes it is very clear that a tree’s trunk crosses a property line. At other times  it is much less clear, and where the trunk extends across the property line is not always obvious or visible. These 4 examples focus on one of these less obvious cases. The information offered is based on the 2013 Ruling, upheld in 2014 by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Example #1#1

Example #2#2

Example #3#3

Example #4#4 5.39.01 PM


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